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We were first-time cruisers who spent hours & hours of reading about cruise ships and ports of call. We subscribed to cruise magazines & bought cruise & travel guidebooks. We joined CruiseCritic.com & read literally thousands of posts from lots of very helpful cruisers. Every time we came to something valuable, we wrote it down & shared it with our friends who were cruising with us on Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas to the Eastern Caribbean in October 2006. Over time (and several other cruises since) we developed a collection of helpful cruising tips and wonderful websites all in one place & we thought you might like to see them all in one place too! 


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Preparing for Your Cruise


Onboard (Explorer of the Seas) & General Cruise Ship Tips


New Cruisers: Things We Wish We Knew Before We Left on the First Cruise!


Explorer of the Seas Deck Schematics


The Famous “Green Flash”


Favorite Cruise Tunes List


Our 2008 St Thomas/St John Wedding Photos!

Click here for islands we have researched so far:





Half Moon Cay  (Under Construction)

Labadee (Haiti)

Nassau  (Under Construction)

Puerto Rico & Old San Juan

       (74 pages including lots of maps and photos!)

St Maarten & St Martin

St Thomas & St John


Turks & Caicos  (Under Construction)






Some things you can learn from these files:

Get Ready to Cruise!

Find Complete Island Information!

·          Get your passport online & even learn to take your own passport photos

·          Buy & pack critical cruise items

·          Calculate your shipboard tipping costs automatically

·          Learn to lock your luggage & prevent customs breakage

·          Learn the latest about cell phones & walkie-talkies

·          Buy international phone cards: when & where?

·          Be absolutely prepared for seasickness & other illnesses

·          Get the most out of your cruising dollar

·          Purchase your own snorkel & swim shoes

·          Find underwater cameras & waterproof cases

·          Track your ship's current location, Caribbean weather & hurricanes too

·          Check out cruise reviews & message boards

·          Learn to join & setup for CruiseCritic.com chats

·          Discover the best of the "Explorer of the Seas"

·          Find a list of Royal Caribbean Ship’s Captains

·         Discover the amazing story of why sunset is so swift in the Caribbean

·          Find websites to share your photos & videos free

·         Find maps & photos of the Caribbean islands (check out the first & last pages of each section)

·          Click on the best websites for helpful information about each island

·          Check the daily island weather reports

·          Find out where your ship will dock before you sail

·          Learn the best/cheapest/quickest ways to get around each island

·          Rent cars, boats, motor bikes, scooters & water toys

·          Avoid the most dangerous hotspots in the islands

·          Learn about authentic native island food & drink specialties

·          See a list of the best island restaurants & nightlife

·          Get a list of the best private tour guides & excursions

·          Find out what others think about cruise excursions

·          Don't miss a single important island attraction

·          Get helpful details about all the best beaches

·          Discover which beaches are better for snorkeling

·          Discover which beaches are better for water sports

·          Find out what others say about shopping in the Caribbean

·         Best of all: just click on the hyperlinks to get to all the best websites!



Coming Someday!

These are our most favorite cruise and

ports of call photographs:

Photo Gallery

These are our most favorite cruise and

ports of call websites:

Favorite Links




All the information gathered for this website has come from a great variety of sources. Some pieces of information may be just personal opinion and others might prove inaccurate while some are even contradictory. Please remember to double check all information for yourself before making your final trip plans.


We are not saying we are an authority on cruising the Caribbean; just that we put a lot of darn hard work & a ton of time into finding this information for ourselves and hope it helps you in some way too!


Lynne & Bill





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